Delete History Free 2.3: Delete history freeware. Delete browsing history, search history, cache, cookies

Delete History Free 2.3

Delete History Free provides an easy way to delete Internet history from your computer - delete browsing history, delete search history, AutoComplete, Address bar history, delete Temporary Internet Files (Cache), delete stored passwords and cookies. You can select to delete history automatically on browser close. Delete History Free supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape and Maxthon

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IEHistoryX Explore Internet History, Cookies, Cache. Selectively delete browsing History.


Cache files), delete individual Typed URL (Address Bar history), clear specific AutoComplete forms information items (search history, saved passwords cache). Using IE History eXpert you can delete selectively only individual History links, Cookies, clear individual Temporary Internet Files, selectively delete IE Address Bar history items, delete only specific AutoComplete forms information and saved passwords. IE History eXpert will help you to find

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NetShred X 4.7.3: Clean cache, clear history - automatic internet eraser - easy, fast, cleaner

NetShred X 4.7.3

Clean cache, clear history automatically with NetShred X, the easy-to-use internet cache cleaner for Mac OS X that will erase files your browser and email programs leave behind. This internet eraser software is easy to use, fast and cleaner. Easy because it runs automatically - you don`t have to remember to use it. Fast because you don`t have to wait for it. Cleaner because it will erase, not just delete cache, history, deleted email, and more

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GSA Cleandrive 3.44: Software that cleans up your system from privacy violations and make it faster.

GSA Cleandrive 3.44

GSA Cleandrive helps you to get rid of most of the privacy violations you get each day. It deletes all internet traces (like the web pages you have surfed), recently opened files (like the last played video) or even the logs that show what programs you have run lately (for example a game you have started in office). This award winning antispy program deletes your history of activities on your PC.

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Delete Duplicate Songs 6.93: Delete Duplicate Songs-How to Delete duplicate songs, Delete Duplicate MP3 Songs

Delete Duplicate Songs 6.93

Delete Duplicate Songs - How to Delete duplicate songs? Find and delete duplicate songs on computer, delete duplicate songs on Windows media player and delete duplicate songs automatically with duplicate song deleting software. How to delete duplicate songs, how to delete song files from computer and how to delete duplicate songs in music folder? Delete duplicate songs - Download software to delete duplicate songs at !

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How to Delete Duplicate Songs 7.19: How to Delete Duplicate Songs, How to Delete duplicate songs in Media Player

How to Delete Duplicate Songs 7.19

How to Delete Duplicate Songs? How to delete duplicate songs on my computer, how to delete duplicate songs in a folder and how to delete duplicate songs in Windows media player? Delete duplicate songs in media player with the best software to delete duplicate songs. Now you know how to delete duplicate songs from a folder and how to delete repeated songs. Delete duplicate songs - Download the best software at !

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Delete Duplicates 3.71: Delete Duplicates - Delete Duplicates, Delete Music Duplicates right Now!

Delete Duplicates 3.71

delete duplicate files, automatically delete file duplicates and delete music duplicates, easily delete photo duplicates and delete picture duplicates. How to delete duplicates? What is the best way to delete song duplicates and easily delete Mp3 duplicates, automatically delete audio duplicates and delete music duplicates, delete photo duplicates and delete image duplicates? Can I delete duplicates on my computer? Yes, you can. Delete duplicates

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Dutch Duck IE History Viewer 2011.2.2: IE History. Favorites, Cache, Cookies manager--search, print  and delete

Dutch Duck IE History Viewer 2011.2.2

Dutch Duck IE History Viewer is a History, Favorites, Cache and Cookies Manager for Internet Explorer. It shows your History, Favorites, Cache and Cookies, in a very accessible, spreadsheet-like table, with options to sort, group, search, print and export. It allows to selectively erase items from your history--search for the items you want to delete and press the delete button. No need to erase your entire history.

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Delete Internet Explorer Cache Completely and permanently removing all traces of internet activity.

Delete Internet Explorer Cache

Internet Log Cleaner completely and permanently remove all traces of internet activity. With Delete Internet Explorer Cache you get absolute privacy and just a few clicks is enough.

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Find, Remove and Delete File Duplicates 3.14: Delete Duplicate Files: Delete File Duplicates, Delete Duplicates, Deduplicate

Find, Remove and Delete File Duplicates 3.14

Delete Duplicate Files: Download software to Delete file duplicates, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corp. How to delete duplicate files? How to delete file duplicates from hard drive? How to delete duplicates from memory card? Delete duplicate files of Any type: delete duplicate Photos, delete duplicate Pictures, delete duplicate Music, Documents and Videos. Delete Duplicate Files - Download deduplication software at

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